Hello Fresh

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Hello Fresh is a revolutionary new grocery delivery service that aims to change the way Britons eat by providing an entirely new shopping and cooking experience.

Every week Hello Fresh customers receive interesting recipes and all the ingredients in the exact quantities, delivered directly to their homes. The service promises to put an end to stressful supermarket dashes and makes it easy to enjoy the experience of cooking and discovering delicious food.

Each delivery contains simple step-by-step photo recipes from experienced chefs, designed so that even the most kitchen-phobic of users can create a restaurant-standard dish within 30 minutes.

Hello Fresh eliminates all the time-consuming aspects of cooking, from weighing of ingredients to sourcing of unusual foodstuffs – such as star anise, purple potatoes or a single pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt, which can be hard to find. This means that you can create fuss-free meals easily, with no food wastage, while discovering new and exciting ingredients.

The dishes provide a well-balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins, containing approximately 500-750 calories.

With Hello Fresh no more time will be wasted trawling supermarket aisles, trying to pre-plan meals for the days ahead, with the inevitable second visit when a vital ingredient has been forgotten. And by sourcing directly from the UK’s leading food suppliers, Hello Fresh ensures that their produce is fresher and tastes better than the standard supermarket fare.

If you’re a keen cook, preparing Hello Fresh meals will add more delicious dishes to your repertoire, and if you’re a novice in the kitchen, the easy-to-follow menus will help you to learn the basics quickly.

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