Genesis Crafty

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Genesis Crafty is a modern bakery and family business owned and run by six brothers who together make baking amazing.

Originally set up by the McErlain brothers’ parents in 1968 as a simple home bakery with just one bread cart, just over four decades later Genesis Crafty is a truly modern bakery but with artisan values. The bakers still flip every pancake and chaff every scone by hand.

A unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and skilled innovation, Genesis Crafty is proud to still be making many age-old favourite recipes, while keeping fresh with new and delicious creations.

The Northern Ireland-based, award-winning bakery thrives by using only high quality ingredients and hand-baking in small batches. Genesis Crafty even counts celebrated chefs such as Jason Atherton as fans.

The Genesis Crafty UK-wide range currently includes: Big Pancakes, Blueberry Pancakes and Chocolate Chip Pancakes made with locally produced buttermilk, locally milled wheatflour and flipped by hand for an airy, fluffy taste.

Alongside these gorgeous hand-flipped pancakes, the range also includes Sultana Scones, Cheese Scones and Mini Sultana Scones – Genesis Crafty’s version of the traditional scone, all rolled and cut by hand.

Managing Director, Brian McErlain ensures that core family values are at the heart of the Genesis Crafty brand and bakery. For example, the fact that every pancake is poured by hand, judged by eye and individually flipped means the bakery can use a wetter, home-style batter which yields a better taste and a lighter, fluffier texture.

Each McErlain brother looks after a distinct and complementary aspect of the family business to ensure the bakery produces the highest quality possible.

Genesis Crafty is stocked throughout the UK by Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Ocado and in Northern Ireland by Asda, Centra, Costcutter, Dunnes, Eurospar, Sainsbury’s, Shop 4 You, Spar, SuperValu, Tesco, Todays Group and other independent stores.