Freaks of Nature

Food & Beverage

Freaks of Nature ( is an award-winning British brand making freakishly delicious and indulgent puds purely from plants.

Available in three exciting varieties including Cocoa Loco, Zingy Thingy and Mango Fandango, the all-natural range is crammed full of the very best Mother Nature has to offer: juicy fruits, nutritious nuts, versatile coconut, natural nectars and pure cacao.

Freaks of Nature has gone back to basics, using the finest ingredients to prepare great tasting desserts. Committed to using only simple, natural and plant-based ingredients, these puds are a ‘freak of nature’ as they create something so special from something so natural.

As a bonus for millions out there, the range is also free from dairy, gluten, eggs, soya, white sugar, artificial additives and preservatives.  These decadent desserts are designed to make people feel great, not guilty.