Cauli Rice

Food & Beverage

Cauli Rice ( is an innovative independent British brand creating vegetable rice to be enjoyed as a smart ingredient in healthy home cooking.

The only product of its kind, Cauli Rice is the first long-life version of the global recipe phenomenon ‘cauliflower rice’, loved by those who lead health conscious and active lifestyles, as well as parents, dieters and those concerned about wellness.  One of the five-a-day vegetable quota and a naturally low-carb, low-GI (Glycemic Index) ingredient, Cauli Rice provides a clever and convenient solution for real people to get more nutrient rich vegetables into their diet.

Cauli Rice is available in four unique varieties, taking inspiration from global cuisine and designed to add a delicious dimension to any recipe:

  • Original
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Indian Pilau
  • Mediterranean


Cauli Rice combines the delicious nutty, sweet flavour of fresh cauliflower with a fluffy, light ‘riced’ texture, meaning it’s the perfect base or ingredient in hundreds of dishes, from salads, curries, fritters and pizza bases to cookies, pancakes and breakfast oats.