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Bufle (www.bufle.co.uk) is Britain’s first bubble-waffle restaurant and cocktail bar, open all day and late night and launching on Soho’s Rupert Street from late July 2017.

The venue serves London’s most authentic bubble-waffles and is on a mission to put this cult Asian export on the map in Britain. Each one is made to the traditional recipe, cooked fresh to order, folded into a cone, and served at Bufle with either the finest gelato or fresh salad.

The bubble-waffle is a culinary icon from Hong Kong, where it has been enjoyed as street food since the 1950s. It is made from a light golden batter and takes its name from the distinctive ‘bubbles’ that give its unique texture and appearance.

Bufle’s signature bubble-waffle serve is to fill the cone with a stack of delicious gelato before layering with a selection of toppings, including fresh fruit and salted caramel, passion fruit, whisky, and yellow peach sauces. Menu highlights include:

  • Oreo Delight: a waffle filled with Cookies & Cream gelato and topped with Oreo chocolate cookies
  • Funky Cereal Club: a waffle filled with Bubble Gum flavoured gelato, and topped with rainbow cereal and fresh strawberries
  • Mad About Matcha: a matcha infused waffle paired with matcha ice cream and topped with matcha biscuit


The bar at Bufle serves bubbles, hard shakes and expertly crafted cocktails, curated by head barmen Tom Campbell and George Cunningham, formerly of Guns & Smoke. Each drink has been designed to be enjoyed on its own or alongside a bubble-waffle, curated with matching and complementing ingredients.