Baby Zilli

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The Baby Zilli range initially caters for babies between four – 24 months and is divided into five categories: Brekkie (6 months +), Stage One (4 months +), Stage Two (6 months +), Stage Three (9 months +), Pud (6 months+) and a range of organic baby juice drinks (Stage Four, 12 months +).

Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli and celebrity lawyer and entrepreneur Dean Dunham launched Baby Zilli into the supermarkets in January 2011. The huge success has prompted the pair to extend the range, using recipes created by Aldo for his own children when they were young.

Zilli and Dunham, who each have young children, seven between them, started work on the range in 2009 and, following a great deal of market research and kitchen trials, the first recipes in the Baby Zilli Range were created.

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