Will government introduce new anti-sugar legislation?

Posted on 22/05/2018 · Posted in News

The sugar reduction programme, a separate initiative to the sugar levy, is failing to hit the government target of a 20% reduction of sugar across foods by 2020.

Public Health England has published figures demonstrating that puddings, biscuits and chocolate confectionary have yet to make any impact on the amount of sugar in their products. Conversely, yoghurts, cereals, sweet spreads and sauces have all managed to reach the reduction target.

Whilst some companies such as Muller and Nestle have effectively reduced their sugar content per 100g, others have made portion sizes smaller in an attempt to reduce sugar content, which some have claimed means that customers are getting less value for money.

Despite the sugar reduction initiative, 12% of  major brands have seen an increase in sales of products with a high sugar content.

With this in mind, the government has stated that  legislation may be required to improve the success of the initiative. Given government’s increasing willingness to legislate on this matter, the industry shouldn’t be surprised if this happens.