Why you shouldn’t be asking your Instagram followers to “turn on notifications” yet

Posted on 29/03/2016 · Posted in Blog

Following on from the news that Instagram is introducing an algorithm-based setting, where images will be presented in order of preference and relevance rather than chronologically, users have been asking their followers to ‘turn on notifications’, in case their updates are missed or shown lower down in another user’s news feed.

Numerous brands and businesses are following suit, without realising the implications. In an article on the subject, The Guardian summarised these: “Turning on notifications for Rihanna, for example, means you’ll be told every time she posts a new photo. It is the equivalent of Rihanna texting you to tell you that she’s put a pic up on Instagram, but without the close relationship with Rihanna implicit in that scenario. Sometimes Rihanna posts several images a day. You’d receive a text to let you know, every time. Annoying, right?”

At the present time, Palm  recommends taking no action on your Instagram platform. There may indeed be a backlash reaction to this development with resulting unfollows from users feeling that a brand they used to casually follow is now bombarding them. And as yet, we do not know the specifics of how Instagram’s timeline is changing.

We believe it would be wiser to wait and see how public opinion changes towards the platform and the overall reaction to this new feature. Turning on notifications may lead to a decrease in followers as users feel their accounts are being ‘plagued’ by brand-led posts.