Why You Should Be Telling More Instagram Stories

Posted on 12/10/2017 · Posted in Social Media Bytes

Since the introduction of Instagram stories into the Instagram platform, conversation has been dominated by comparisons to Snapchat and the negative impact it has been having on the rival platform.   Behind this however, is a truth that should be more universally acknowledged: the importance of your Instagram story engagement and activity on your content being discovered by those outside of your audience.

More engagement on your posts means more of a chance of your content being placed in the Discovery section, an area where users are shown content from accounts they do not follow.  Instagram decides what users see based on what they have previously engaged with or what the algorithm suggests they will like. So encouraging more engagement = entry into this coveted area.  That is the formula that many Social Media managers have been working towards to extend reach and follower growth.

But how do you get more engagement and comments on your brand’s posts, when Instagram’s main drive is to make you advertise on the platform – and so is actively limiting the reach of your content?

Well the answer seems to be found in Instagram Stories.

So what should you do?

  • Post more Instagram Stories regularly
  • Offer more value in your Instagram Stories – recipe creation for example – so that users are taking ‘screen shots’ of the content
  • Share other Instagram Stories
  • Set up Instagram Polls (an extremely new feature, which encourages interaction by asking users to vote on different options)
  • Ask questions in your Instagram Stories to encourage interaction
  • Engage with other people’s Instagram Stories

Instagram will see this activity and many speculate that this will in fact help to push your content into that coveted ‘Discovery’ section, as it shows the value of your posts in the wider community.

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