Why It’s Harder Than Ever Before To Get Those Instagram Likes & Follows

Posted on 27/09/2017 · Posted in Social Media Bytes

Users on Instagram, from Influencers to well-known Brands, have been suffering noticeable drops in both follower growth and engagement over the past four months.  The most significant drops seem to occur over a period of three to five days with the most recent having happened over the past 48 hours.  This has led some to scurry over to Twitter to complain:




















This means that those with Instagram accounts should expect this decline to continue and will notice that engagement has fallen compared with the beginning of the year.

Facebook began curbing organic reach to ensure that advertising became the primary way to engage audiences on the platform. It looks like Zuckerberg & Co (which own both platforms) are planning the same move on Instagram. A key component of this has been to aggressively shut down tools, like Instagress and Archie, which allow users to bypass traditional advertising.

However, this can be a good thing for brands.

  • Through Instagram advertising, brands now have a powerful tool with the ability to target an even larger audience who will be far more engaged. This will allow the formation of dedicated and loyal communities with genuine interest in what a brand has to say
  • ROI will be easier to track and measure. However, any goals set prior to this change will have to be re-evaluated
  • This will allow accounts to create the content they really want, removing the need to create content that will be discovered organically. It will also be easier to see what content has been most impactful, allowing accounts to focus on creating more of the same

So once the shock of a slightly lower rate of engagement and organic follower growth has faded, companies with a strong strategy who know how to work with Facebook’s Advertisement tool will witness continued success.