This Week’s Social Media Bytes!

Posted on 10/10/2014 · Posted in Food and Drink, Palm PR, Social Media Bytes

Social Media Bytes

The week’s social media news

In this week’s newsletter…

  1. #WakeUpCall: the latest charity hashtag campaign
  2. #GBBO final: Twitter storm
  3. Londoners give up their first born for free Wi-Fi
  4. Facebook to launch mobile payments system

1. Wake up to #WakeUpCall, the latest viral social media charity drive from Unicef

  • There’s a new viral selfie craze making the rounds and it’s called #WakeUpCall, a social media campaign for Unicef aimed at raising awareness of the plight of Syrian children.
  • The campaign was masterminded by Jemima Khan in her position as Unicef ambassador to harness the power of celebrity in order to raise awareness of the work which Unicef is doing in Syria to support displaced children caught in the conflict.
  • Much like the #nomakeupselfie campaign (when woman posted bare-faced selfies online in order to help raise money for Cancer Research), #wakeupcall encourages that participants bare their unfiltered vulnerability by posting selfies within minutes of waking up, preferably bleary-eyed according to Jemima, then nominate three friends to do the same
  • Unlike the #nomakeupselfie campaign, men have gotten stuck in to the selfies as well, with fetching photos from Stephen Fry, Hugh Grant, Dan Snow, Kristian Guru-Murthy and Tom Hiddleston.
  • You can find more information on the Unicef #wakeupcall campaign here.

Wake Up Call






2.    #GBBO final: Twitter storm

  • This year’s Great British Bake Off was another festival of soggy bottoms and complicated bakes that we can’t even pronounce.
  • And with it, has come the usual crazy Twitter storm. Compared to the social media frenzy we had this week, last year’s activity was mere pickings!
  • A record number of #GBBO related tweets were recorded – a whopping 170% up from the 2013 series!
  • Twitter users had all bases covered – from the beginning of the series right until the very end  where Richard’s pencil had gone. And not forgetting of course the trademark innuendos.
  • Next year’s series certainly has a lot to live up to!
  • Read more here.

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3. It is official – Londoners will trade anything for free Wi-Fi!

  • In an experiment, security firm F-Secure set up a free Wi-Fi hotspot in Canary Wharf with a major caveat – users had to sign over their first born in a “Herod clause” for access.
  • The result – in the space of 30 minutes, six users rendered up their eldest child for the duration of eternity in exchange for a cheeky Facebook scroll.
  • F-Secure conducted the experiment to prove that Wi-Fi hotspots have low internet security and users are not savvy enough to read the T&Cs associated with unsecure connections – we just tick and scroll. Criminals can easily exploit the lax security to mine data like passwords from our laptops and mobile phones, which puts our identity and accounts at risk.
  • The experiment was conducted fully within privacy laws and luckily for 6 lax web surfers, the Herod clause will not be enforced.
  • Read more here.

4. Facebook Messenger to launch mobile payments system

  • Computer genius Andrew Aude has discovered that Facebook Messenger may soon launch a mobile payments system.
  • He discovered this buried in code from the app, suggesting that users will be able to add a credit or debit card to their account and send money via messages.
  • The developer student tweeted “With Facebook Messenger, you attach money like you attach a photo or a location. You don’t even have to link a bank account!”
  • Also in the midst is an “e-money” initiative – which would allow Facebook to issue digital credits that can be converted into cash by recipients. All sounds pretty cool right?
  • BUT don’t get too excited yet. Facebook has declined to comment and bearing in mind that the company began toying with these ideas in 2010, it may be a little while until we’re able to pay our bestie back for last night’s taxi via the app!
  • To read more, click here.

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