This week’s Social Media Bytes

Posted on 19/06/2015 · Posted in Blog

Twitter will soon allow unlimited DM’s!

 Well.. not entirely unlimited, but certainly not in the restrains of 140 characters anymore!

 From next month, Twitter will allow users to have a 10,000 character limit when sending Direct Messages.

 For those of you who enjoy tweeting within the 140 character limit however, have no fear! Twitter has made it explicitly clear that the changes will have no effect on actual tweets themselves.

 Twitter was thought to have all but given up on its personal messaging service, with users experiencing problems over the last few years from a faulty read count to not receiving notifications.

 All of that changed towards the end of 2014 however, when Twitter decided to fix longstanding bugs with its DM service and allow users to send images, create group DMs, and now tweet to your heart’s content!

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Snapchat for Dummies: and parents!

 Snapchat has been a hugely popular form of messaging with teens and young adults since it was founded in 2011, currently ranking up more than 100 million users to date.

 With that many people flooding the atmosphere with countless amounts of selfies, you would think that it would have a broad audience behind it.

 That doesn’t seem to be the case however, says founder Evan Spiegel, who has decided to create a video guide to the photo chat phenomenon as a way to help parents understand what seems to be compelling their children to take so many photos.

 Spiegel says that he decided to create the video after discussing the app with two of his friends, who also happened to be parents. He found that parents are seemingly baffled by the concept behind the app, so by creating the video they will finally be able to understand why their children are taking an incessant amount of selfies, and maybe even join in!

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Facebook introduces new private photo sharing app: Moments!

 More than 350 million photos are shared on Facebook every day, but out of all of those photos taken, chances are the majority of them are never shared.

 Facebook have created a new app called ‘Moments’, making it easier to privately share photos with your friends outside of Facebook.

 The app syncs with your phones photo library, allowing people to choose which photos to upload.

 The thinking behind the app is to eliminate the inevitability of photos remaining stagnant on people’s phones, easing the sharing process between friends whilst also ensuring privacy. The app will also prove to be a vital backup system, if people were to lose their phones/data.

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Pinterest verifies accounts to narrow your search

 The social media platform is unveiling the new design across all devices on the 23rd June. The Improved design increases ease and speed when browsing, providing users with a stressless experience.

 Pinterest is working with a select few companies to Verify accounts. This will provide users with markers which will help determine the fake accounts, from the official.

 Despite rolling out the new verification feature, Pinterest are not currently accepting applications for verification accounts. Other updates include helping users find trending topics online, with the topics immediately showing when the search bar is activated.

 Pins, pinners and boards will now be combined into one list and a filter option will be added to aid users in narrowing searches. As of late, Pinterest are upping their marketability, especially after introducing the new ‘buyable pins’ feature, allowing users to buy a product through the platform.

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