The rise of immersive dining experiences

Posted on 12/09/2016 · Posted in Blog, Palm PR

The UK’s ‘night-time’ economy is now worth £66bn (according to a report by the NTIA) and in a bustling city where several new and exciting food and drink venues open every week, we as consumers, are seeking to get more from our dining experiences. More than a meal, we want fulfilling experiences that not only create memories but also capture our imagination. With Londoners now eating out more than once a week on average, up by around a third on last year, standards are higher than ever.

A Place In Time is a brand that provides a solution to the desire for a wider experience-led evening experience. Providing a permanent venue that evolves to different ‘places in time’ throughout the year, they have most recently launched Maman Le Mot, a venue that takes guests back to 1943 from the moment they step through the ‘top secret’ door shielded by corrugated iron and sandbags.

The French Resistance are recruiting secret agents to join the battle to liberate France and guests are recruited as part of this mission.  Adorned with an authentic beret, a moustache and garlands of garlic, guests are led into an intensive language classroom where you get a lesson to master the “Fronch” accent. Once training is complete, a three course dinner awaits the agents in a Moulin Rouge inspired 1940s Parisian Bistro.

A Place In Time bridges a gap between restaurants, bars and theatre to create an overarching umbrella experience that guests can interact and collaborate on throughout the night.

Further immersive experience-led events based on themes and twist on classics  include Roald Dahl’s Dinner at the Twits, dubbed as entertainment from the ‘worst hosts ever’ as guests have to fish the glass eye out of their prickly cocktail and wonder how on earth they ended up in the middle of a bird pie banquet straight out of their own 10-year old imagination. Or those who are fans of ‘multi-dimensional gastronomy’ can enjoy a five course meal in which each course is set within its own parallel reality, with food to match at Chambers of Flavour. Enjoy the journey through the portals of the peculiar!

Every experience has its own comprehensive back story, artfully reinforced by your hosts. Dining is suddenly becoming a way to access the imagination you have missed since childhood, to make a meal more than just meal. Why get just a taste when you can have the full experience?