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The week’s social media news

In this week’s newsletter…

  1. Twitter is the gift that keeps on GIF-ing
  2. Share your #Goalface
  3. Hashflags: From the World Cup to Ramadan and Eid
  4. Create, Curate, Curalate
  5. Meme of the week: Twitter takes a bite out of Luis Suarez

1. Twitter is the gift that keeps on GIF-ing

giphy and twitter  giphy on twitter






2. Share your #Goalface

  • With all the hype around the World Cup, TV channels BBC and ITV have asked people to take a picture of their ‘goalface’ whenever a player from your favourite team scores a goal
  • ITV took to Twitter and created #Goalface as well as a #Goalface website where you can find the best ‘goalfaces’. Take a look:
  • Though England may not have performed that well, this social media campaign will definitely cheer you up!

goalface 6goalface 4






3. Hashflags: From the World Cup to Ramadan and Eid 

  • Following the success of the World Cup hashflags, Twitter are now launching a set of religious hashflags for observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid, bringing together the world’s 1.5bn Muslim population.
  • Special icons used for the hashflags will include the crescent moon, state flags and Arabic calligraphy.
  • Last year, a whopping 74.2m tweets were sent about Ramadan from across the world, with the most tweets sent from affluent nations like the USA, UK and UAE.
  • Don’t fear for the hashtag, it is being put to a higher purpose for Ramadan. Twitter will enable observers to find out which times to begin and end their daily Ramadan fasts using the hashtags #iftar and #imsak and their location.
  • Read more here: 

ramadan and eid hashflags






4. Create, Curate, Curalate

  • Curalate is a new start-up offering image analytics to determine whether a post on social media will gain like, comments or shares and to monitor the huge amount of activity on social media.
  • This is a service that enabled brands to get involved with Pinterest in a calculated, meaningful way by analysing Pins to show their potential to expose campaigns and products.
  • Using alternative machine learning techniques such as ‘multi-index hashing’ and ‘the Discrete Cosine Transform algorithm’ – these allow the system to cluster similar images and sort large numbers of photos (millions per day) and determine which were identical
  • This service of image-recognition is now being used to help marketers for companies such as GAP and Urban Outfitters to learn how their customers use of images of the companies’ products on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram.
  • Curalate is currently in-house only.
  • Read more:!4H5zR

curalate curalate 1







5. Meme of the week: Twitter takes a bite out of Luis Suarez

  • Following Uruguay’s Luis Suarez little nibble on Italian Giorgio Chiellini, brand from all around the world saw it as the perfect opportunity to flock to Twitter and muscle in on coverage
  • Nando’s took the opportunity to invite the football player to sink his teeth into their burgers rather than his opponents and got retweeted more than 35,000 times!
  • Other brands following in Nando’s footsteps are Snickers (which got retweeted more than 46,000 times!) and TGI Fridays

nando's suarezsnickers suarez