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Posted on 19/12/2014 · Posted in Blog
  1.  Instagram releases its first new filters for two years
  2.  Girl reunited with toy bunny after huge #lostrabbit Twitter campaign
  3. ‘The Missing’ finale sparks 1000 tweets a minute as 7 million people tune in to watch
  4. Sherlock tops Twitter’s ‘most discussed’ TV moments
  1. Instagram releases its first new filters for two years 


  • The five new filters are called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua and Aden, they are the first additions since Mayfair and Willow in December 2012
  • It takes the total number of filters on the Facebook-owned app up to 25
  • The original Instagram filters were designed to compensate for poor quality
  • The new filters take advantage of the improvements made to phone cameras
  • Instagram has also added real-time comments and new look filter previews

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        2.  Girl reunited with toy bunny after huge #lostrabbit Twitter campaign 

girl bunny


  • Jackie Jacoby-Danesh, aged 18 months, was heartbroken when Flora her cuddly rabbit went missing on a shopping trip with her mum.
  • Attendant David Craig found the Jellycat toy lying in a Cambridge car park a month ago and started tweeting photos of it like a tourist around the city when it was not claimed.
  • Mr Craig, 52, and wife Annie pictured the rabbit at various famous sites in the hope the owner would see the pictures online.
  • The rabbit was later spotted by the PA of young Jackie’s father John Danesh, 46, a Cambridge University professor, who remembered him mentioning his daughter’s lost rabbit.

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        3.   ‘The Missing’ finale sparks 1000 tweets a minute as 7 million people tune in to watch

the missing


  • Almost seven million people watched the gripping finale of The Missing
  • By 10pm, 1,000 tweets a minute were being sent during the online frenzy about its ending
  • With many calling it the finest drama of the year and even better than ITV rival Broadchurch
  • Viewers called it ‘mesmerising’ and ‘brilliant’, with some admitting that they could not sleep afterwards because it was so ‘disturbing’ and ‘chilling 
  • The Missing will be returning for a second series and is expected to keep the show’s overall structure of a story set over two different time frames.


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4. Sherlock tops Twitter’s ‘most-discussed’ TV moments


  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s return as Sherlock two years after the character’s apparent suicide dominated Twitter in 2014, with over 639,000 tweets about his reappearance.
  • Oberyn Martell’s death in Games of Thrones, Cheryl Cole’s return to The X Factor, and Peter Capaldi’s casting as Doctor Who were also popular among tweeting viewers according to social media analysis by Telegraph Hill.
  • “Tweetalongs” have become increasingly popular in recent years, as viewers tweet their thoughts and connect them by using a programme’s hashtag, such as #gbbo for Great British Bake-Off.
  • “Hot emotions like anger and surprise are likely to be shared regularly, but so are feelings of warmth and support for well-loved characters and individual successes. Like being at a large sporting event, Twitter can encourage crowd behaviour and emotional contagion”, psychotherapist Dr Aaron Balick says about the phenomenon.

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