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Posted on 17/10/2014 · Posted in Blog

In this week’s newsletter…

  1. Emoji stickers are now available in Facebook comments
  2. Skype launches new media app Qik
  3. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donates 25m to fight Ebola
  4. The ‘Snappening’

1. Facebook STICKERS are now available in comments

  • Since the start of this week, Facebook has now rolled their stickers, a popular messaging feature(which were previously confined to private messages) out to comments
  • With just one click a reaction to a post can be given in picture form, which allows people to reply to posts in a more inviting and fun way
  • Posting emotions can helping brighten up and excite the Timeline posts of fellow members
  • Bob Baldwin, a Facebook software engineer, comments that “Stickers have been a delightful way to communicate in messages, and I’m happy to announce we’re bringing them to comments across Facebook. Just tap the smiley face icon in the bottom-right of any comment field to pick a sticker to send. It’ll be available to all posts from people, in groups, and on events now”
  • If you want to find out further info about how these Facebook stickers work, check out the latest video on You Tube here:



2. Skype Launches Video Messaging App Qik to Rival Snapchat 

  •  Skype Qik lets users record short videos up to 42 seconds in length and share them with their friends
  • Skype Qik is purely a mobile app, and is designed to allow people to send quick videos when they don’t have time for a full Skype conversation
  • If you don’t have time to respond to a friend’s message you can send a ‘Qik Flik’, which is a short video expressing one emotion (happy/sad/angry). You can use the default ‘Qik Fliks’ on the app, or create your own and store them
  • With all the controversy over Snapchat leaking images, it might be just the right time for Skype Qik to come along!
  • Find out more here



3. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donates £15.7m to fight Ebola outbreak

  • The billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbeg speaks publicly about the Ebola epidemic after donating £15.7m to a charity to help stop the spread of the deadly disease
  •  In a Facebook post, Mark reached out to his 30m followers, highlighting how he “had donated the money to the Centers for Disease Control Foundation as the Ebola epidemic reaches a “critical turning point”.
  • The post received over 200,000 ‘Likes’ and 32,000 ‘Shares’.
  • Mr Zuckerberg is a keen philanthropist, and was the US’s biggest charity donor in 2013, according to a list of publicly-available donations. He gave more than $100m to charity in 2013.. what a generous man!











4. It’s all ‘Snappening’

  • Snapchat the picture messaging app where images “self-destruct” after a set time limit and disappear forever, is the latest service to come under fire with users – including celebrities images being leaked online
  • Because of the time limit service it has become popular with users believing the images disappear after the time limit, however, third party apps such as SnapSave make it possible for images to be saved in a database without the sender realising!
  • Also, this is not the first time Snapchat has suffered a security issue, earlier this year usernames and phone numbers of 4.6 million users were posted online by hackers
  • The advice seems to be only send images to those you trust, and don’t send anything you wouldn’t want appearing elsewhere!
  • View more details on the current ‘Snappening’ epidemic here: