PR Week interviews Palm Co-Founder on the Sugar Tax

Posted on 17/03/2016 · Posted in Palm PR

Palm PR Co-Founder Liam Keogh was interviewed by PR Week following the Chancellor’s announcement of the introduction of a Sugar Tax.

Speaking with the publication, Keogh gave his take on how the industry might respond to these changes, saying:

“Drinks manufacturers would have to find a way to respond to the new regulatory landscape.

“The comms strategy for drinks brands will have to change to ensure brand loyalty as the price of those drinks rises.

“For agencies operating in the food and drink sector, this change will present a huge number of challenges. The manufacturers of these soft drinks, and their agencies, are going to have to work harder to provide a compelling ‘reason to purchase’, especially if this new ‘sin’ tax casts a negative halo around the product.”

The full article can be read here