Palm PR trendwatch: gourmet grazing on premium snacks

Posted on 01/09/2014 · Posted in Food and Drink, G'nosh, Joe & Speh's, Manomasa, Ocado, Palm PR

It’s official, we’re a nation of snackers!  Brits crunched their way through 312.5 million killos of bagged snacks in the past year – 7.6 million more than the previous year – and they’ve paid a whopping 128.6m (6.1%) more for the privilege (Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 8 December 2013).

Any old snack won’t do these days either.  Brits are no longer satisfied with a packet of salt & vinegar crisps, a bag full of cocktail sausages or dry sausage rolls, they’re becoming more discerning, with premium treats such a gourmet tortilla chips, deli inspired bites and brands with a modern approach to sharing snacks taking centre stage.

The new wave of premium snacking is led by innovative brands that combine exciting and original global flavours and ingredients with a focus on quality and provenance, designed to suit the modern British palate.  However, the premium snacking market has recently been boosted with high profile names such as Ben Fogle launching Dilly & Wolf (clusters of roasted nuts, peas and seeds).

Further evidence that points to a ‘Gourmet Graze’ trend:

  • Manomasa, an exciting brand of premium tortillas with spirit, which offers a range of corn-masa tortilla chips made using traditional Mexican techniques but combined with exciting and original global flavours and ingredients launched into Ocado with three flavours: Chipotle & Lime, White Cheddar and Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper in March 2013 with the promise to shake up expectations of the tortilla chip.  It has recently expanded its range by adding Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn, Manchego & Green Olive and Tomatillo Salsa varieties, which are made using authentic ingredients including Peruvian Amarillo chilli, tangy Manchego cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain and super grains such as red and white quinoa for added depth and bite (RRP £1.99 per 160g pack).
  • The success of the original premium snacking brand G’NOSH took supermarket shelves by storm with its deli-inspired sharing dips back in 2012.  The company has now launched Pinchos – tapas bites range tailored to modern eating, which the brands describe as bold, ingredient-led products which still provide convenience. National distribution has already been secured in Sainsbury’s for the pinchos range and Waitrose for the dips range.
  • From cinema afterthought to a premium sharing snack, the explosive reinvention of popcorn has been led by popcorn pioneers Joe & Seph’s with its creative approach to flavour combinations. The company recently launched the UK’s first range of alcoholic popcorn, which includes varieties such as Mojito, Gin & Tonic and Margherita gourmet popcorn. Like all of Joe & Seph’s 42 varieties, the cocktail collection is handcrafted by chefs, using all natural ingredients and made from extra-large corn.  The company’s appearance on BBC Newsnight (secured by us!) in June 2014 caused the brand’s website to crash after a surge in hits.

At Palm PR, we’re proud to be working with disruptive brands such as the above that have helped shake up the premium snacking market by leading on this trend.

Manchego and Green Olive tortilla chip anyone?