Transforming January Food Trends into Traffic

Posted on 23/01/2017 · Posted in Blog, Food and Drink, Palm PR

With the start of another year comes a new list of resolutions – and resolute they were for 2017 as the common healthy eating and mindfulness ambitions were extended to include nationwide charity-led initiatives such as Dry January and Veganuary.

Traditionally fueled by the guilt and hangover (sometimes literally) of overeating and drinking during the festive period, New Year’s resolutions mark the start of a positive new chapter. Indeed, they mark the opening of a new opportunity for food and drink brands.

With January soon coming to a close and Veganuary disciples reaching for the nearest slice of cheese, challenger brands looking to shake up the dietary status quo will be looking forward to the next opening to promote products and ideas and perhaps too, sustain the ‘hangover’ momentum for months to come.

Whilst the start of next month is widely expected to mark the end of such resolutions dubbed ‘fads’, market leading dairy-free brands such as Plenish have already started innovating for their growing target market by promoting NPD and capitalising on January to drive interest in dairy-free milk alternatives.  For example, their new Organic & Dairy-Free Hazelnut M*lk and Elevate Turmeric and Almond Cold-Pressed M*lk are both the first of their kind to be available to British consumers.  Similarly, owning the tagline “what to drink when you’re not drinking“, Seedlip recently sprang into the adult soft drink market with the world’s first non-alcohol spirit, marking the start of a growing thirst for adult soft drinks.

And it’s not just the health food market:  brands looking to inject some respite into a month of healthy eating can attract public attention and set themselves up a strong year from innovating NPD and offering January promotions.  For example, this month Bath-based chocolatier Choc on Choc launched a Chocolate Husked Coconut, recreating the UK’s favourite superfood in pure Belgian chocolate.  A tongue-in-cheek treat for those who are not looking to jump on the New Year bandwagon, the coconut sets the brand up from January 1st as offering consumers something a bit different.

Building upon the momentum of New Year’s Resolutions, brands in a position to exploit the marketing opportunity for commercial success must continue to harness public interest to translate trends into sustainable growth.  If 2016 marked the start of the plant based diet trend and ‘clean drinking’, 2017 has the potential to firmly implant veganism and zero-proof beverages into everyday life.   Perhaps for the first time ever, brands looking to respond to the increasing demand from UK consumers for healthier options across all aspects of their diet and go booze-free, sugar-free and dairy-free in the name of the popular trends can also plant the seed of a more sustainable diet that could be here to stay.