Facebook to launch mid-roll advertising

Posted on 12/01/2017 · Posted in Blog, Palm PR

Facebook has announced that they are to launch ‘mid-roll’ ads on their videos in a move to boost profitability on video content and challenge their competitors.

Until now, Facebook has resisted ‘pre-roll’ ads that play before the video starts which are commonplace on YouTube videos, but has recently begun to test advertising which begins to play after a video has started. The move therefore puts Facebook’s video content in direct competition with YouTube, who have led the way with video advertising for some time now.

It is reported that publishers would receive 55% of the revenue from mid-roll ads, and indicates that Facebook is looking to increase the revenue it currently makes from video content. From a brand perspective, the decision means another way for advertisers to get themselves in front of their target audience, and boosts Facebook’s attractiveness as a marketing option. However, questions have arisen over the disruptiveness of mid-roll advertising for Facebook users, and whether the social media giant will decide to keep the video content shorter than a typical advert to ameliorate these concerns.

The decision to implement Mid-roll ads has also been extended to Instagram stories, themselves owned by Facebook. This is particularly significant as Instagram stories now has the same number of active users as Snapchat and so heralds the perfect time for Facebook to expand it’s advertising arm on this platform.