Facebook Reveals New Newsfeed Changes

Posted on 17/01/2018 · Posted in Social Media Bytes

Facebook has unveiled plans to radically overhaul its newsfeed.

“We’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content – posts from businesses, brands, and media – is crowding out personal moments “, wrote Mr. Zuckerberg.[i]

As a result, Facebook is making content from brands and organisations less prominent on consumers’ newsfeeds.

Instead, users are more likely to see posts from people they actually know rather than celebrities or brands.[ii]  This puts pressure on brands to produce content that people will want to share with their friends on their newsfeeds.  Recipes, ‘inspirational’ posts and less branded content will have to become more central to social media campaigns wishing to stay relevant on Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s wish may be genuine but ultimately this will lead to one outcome for brands, an increase in spend utilising Facebook’s advertisement system.

Companies, and new ones in particular, have already realised that they have to invest in advertisement to succeed on Facebook no matter how creative the campaign.  Previously brands could selectively advertise certain posts to support their account and content as a whole. Now, they may have to activate advertisement throughout their campaign just to be seen at all.  Engaging, sharable content will help, but a savvy advertising strategy, that delivers the most return on investment will now be paramount.


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