Dry January – how’s yours going?

Posted on 16/01/2015 · Posted in Blog

As we reach mid-January some resolutions will definitely be sliding, how are you doing with yours?

One that we wanted to focus on and provide a few tips for is ‘Dry January’, having seen a real peak in interest around the subject in the last week alone. This week’s Stylist Magazine has run a two page feature on women in their twenties turning their backs on alcohol and in last weekend’s The Times we glimpsed the headline “It’s difficult to swallow, but Britain’s taken time off booze.”

According to the charity Alcohol Concern, twice as many people signed up for its ‘Dry January’ campaign, a figure of more than 40,000 people. Cancer Research UK has also reported that their own ‘Dryathalon’ campaign has also received over 50,000 people taking part.

With so many people making a huge effort to stay healthy and off the booze, even just for the month, we thought we could provide a few great alternatives to your Friday night pint!


A great way to create interesting flavour combinations and a fun way to spend your time on Friday evening – mix up a whole range of fruit juices, cordials, tonics and sodas to your hearts’ content!

A great suggestion from Mamounia Lounge is their easy recipe for the Virgin Mamounia cocktail, just mix Fresh Mint and shake it up with lime juice and sugar. Fill a glass with ice and pour over!

mocktail 1

Load Up On Coffee

I you’re slogging your way through the month without a drop of alcohol, why not make it a bit more interesting and experiment with a few new varieties of coffee.

CaféPod’s Single Origins range will be perfect, range of distinctive single-origin coffees that express their individual region, terroir and selective harvesting in each sip.

Currently available in Sumatra Lake Tawar and Colombia Huila varieties, you could extend your new year’s resolution list and hit two birds with one stone by making the perfect espresso or latte at home!

cafe dry jan

Try a new afternoon pick-me-up

The award-winning coconut brand’s 100% pure coconut water is the perfect January pick-me-up, naturally isotonic and containing potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorous, five key electrolytes that help to replenish and rehydrate the body.

Now available in a delicious Chocolate flavour that is small enough to sling into a gym-bag, handbag or briefcase, the newest addition to the range combines raw cacao with Jax Coco’s signature organic coconut water, blended with coconut cream and a dash of coconut nectar for natural sweetness.

jaxx dry