Daddy Donkey vs Dukes

Posted on 30/06/2014 · Posted in Food and Drink, Palm PR, Palm PR

Here at Palm PR HQ, we like a challenge – even more so if that challenge is food related. With competitive eating on the rise and becoming far more fashionable (special mention to the oh so popular and wonderfully addictive TV series, Man Vs Food), it was only a matter of time until a member of the Palm family took one for the team. Enter Leila Dukes, our Senior Account Manager and all-round enthusiast for anything with a competitive edge.









The self-penned ‘kick ass Mexican grill’ eatery, Daddy Donkey ( ) sent out the call, challenging fans to eat an extra spicy burrito in less than five minutes. Impossible you say? Leila proved otherwise. Representing the fairer sex in her heat, Leila took on the challenge with the sort of enthusiasm you could only admire. With less than 300 seconds to make light of the hot, hot burrito and all to play for (by this we mean free burritos for a week!), Leila put up an impressive fight.













Sadly, the overall title of ‘Burrito Eating Supreme’ wasn’t to be hers, but Leila came away with a fabulous tee and a sense of pride. For the full burrito-eating challenge, we recommend watching the video below!

Until the next challenge!