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Climbing the Palm tree: Kate Licnachan & Laura Alix

We are delighted to announce two incredibly well deserved promotions at Palm PR this month: Kate Licnachan is now Junior Account Manager and Laura Alix is Senior Account Executive at.. read more

Palm PR’s 5 tips for the Great British Summer

Posted on August 20th, 2014 · Posted in Food and Drink, Mello, Palm PR, Rebel Kitchen

Like many people in Blighty at the moment, we at Palm HQ can’t make head or tail of this crazy weather. One minute we’re being pelted by Hurricane Bertha, the.. read more

Food to make you beautiful?

The worlds of food & drink and beauty are similar in that there is just no stopping the quest to find the next big thing.

Both focus on products which make you feel fantastic, inside and out – so inevitably trends collide and we see the creation of great tasting products with real beauty benefits. Mello, the UK’s first and only raw, fresh melon juice brand, is a perfect example – their cantaloupe juice promotes healthy, glowing skin while being deliciously refreshing. Sometimes however, brands can create more wacky food and drink based beauty products. Here are some of our favourites…