A day in the life of an intern: Lizzie Narbeth

Posted on 10/01/2018 · Posted in internship

Each day at Palm PR is filled with loads of exciting and varied tasks! I have been working with a really interesting and helpful team of people who are collaborating with innovative clients and I am gaining a great understanding of what a career in communications involves.

Each morning, everyone reviews the day’s newspapers and discusses what has been reported on to see if there are any noteworthy articles or stories that would be relevant to Palm’s clients. This is always a great way to find out what is happening in the media across all the different publications.

I spend the rest of the day working with one of three departments here at Palm: Brand, Hospitality and Social Media. I am often required to carry out research for some of the clients Palm works with; this again is really varied and can range from finding out which publications they should be targeting or writing briefs on a group of hotels and resorts.

I have also been involved in the campaign evaluations, which involves presenting all the work that has been undertaken. This is vital, as it shows the clients what media has been generated and what Palm has achieved.

Each time a client gains coverage I write a “sell back” which is a summary of the main parts of the article and includes a cutting of the image so that the clients can see what sort of coverage they are getting and who is publishing it. This has really helped my understanding of the clients and what they do, as well as learning about different types of media and publications.

The team are also a social bunch and enjoy meals and drinks out together, and the culture at Palm means that it is a dynamic and fun place to work – no two days are the same!

The internship has given me a really great understanding of how communications works. I have enjoyed working in a bright and vibrant office, full of friendly faces in the heart of Shoreditch. The mentor system that Palm provides is incredibly valuable, as each of the team has a wealth of knowledge that you can draw upon to grow and learn throughout the internship. It has fuelled my passion for food and drink communications and I am excited to see what happens next!